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Instructions On How To Use The Layouts

To Use The Layouts
With A Never-Ending Text Box:
1. All you have to do, is copy the link in the textbox - below the layout that you like.
2. Paste the entire layout code at the bottom of your Horseland layout page where it says: Description - You may enter HTML or CSS.
3. Now - near the bottom of the layout code - Find the part where all the writing is.
For example it will say "Welcome To My Stable" and so on.
4. Cut out all the text you don't want to show up on your page, then write as much as you'd like.
*Tip: With HTML codes, you need to type in specifics.
For example:
For Bolded Text type: <b> TEXT </b>  *make sure you do the last </b> otherwise EVERYTHING after that will be bolded*.
For Italic Text type: <i> TEXT </i> *You can type as much as you want between the <i> </i>'s.
For Underlined Text type: <u> TEXT </u>
For spaces between Texts type: <br>
*No need for </br>*
Add two <br><br> for a double space.
*Just one <br> will give you this:
*If you type two <br><br>, you'll get this:
***For more text/font html codes just go to google and type in "HTML Codes". ***
5. Save when you are finish, and you are done.
Tip: Don't erase anything other than the text already put in the code. If you erase any of the code itself, it may not work properly.

To Use The Layouts With Links:
1. Copy and Paste the code onto your Horseland page at the bottom.
2. Create your own website using , or whatever youd like to use.
3. Create 4 different pages on your new website. Examples of page: About Me; About My Stable; Services; Contact Me.
4. When you are done creating your website, publish it to the web.
5. Go to your website, and copy and paste the "About Me" pages website, into your layout on Horseland where it has a link address. Then beside it - enter what page you are sending your friends to (Example: About Me) so they know what they are clicking on.
6. Do that for every page, then save. And your done!
Tip: Be VERY careful that you don't erase any of the codes. Make sure you take out the right link and enter the right one to your page.